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Skin Cancer

Examination & Treatment

Skin Cancer

Examination & Treatment

Skin Assessment


The doctor begins his examination with an assessment of your skin cancer risk profile including family history and life sun exposure.


Next, the doctor will examine your skin under polarised light. You may request partial or complete examination (down to underwear). Please note, skin cancers can occur in places not exposed to the sun – even between the toes – so the more extensive the examination the better. 


Dermatoscopy (using a hand-held magnifying instrument with or without applying oil) is then used on any suspicious lesions. 

Dermoscopy is the study skin lesions under a hand held dermatoscope (or microscope). This enables detailed examination of the microstructure of moles and other skin lesions to allow pigment and blood vessel pattern differentiation. This facilitates the earlier and more accurate diagnosis of melanomas.


Specialized photography of relevant moles or areas with Molemax ( Mole mapping) may be performed. This is used to reduce unnecessary excisions and assist with melanoma detection at an early stage.


Biopsy i.e. sampling of suspicious lesions may be recommended. Three types of biopsy may be performed-punch, shave or excision. These samples are sent for analysis by specialist pathologists.




Your doctor will discuss the options available to you and will make recommendations in line with current best medical practice guidelines.


Various surgical and non-surgical treatments are available, including cryosurgery (freezing), curette and cautery, chemotherapy creams.

Remember, if you have any concerns or questions, please contact your doctor. Dr Green would be happy to address any questions you may have. You are able to book an appointment at Sydney City Skin Cancer Clinic (via O'Connell St Clinic) by calling 02 9241 1577, or by clicking the "Book Now" button. 

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