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excellence in skin care.  

Dr Stanley Green


The principal skin cancer doctor at Sydney City Skin Cancer Clinic is Dr Stanley Green. Qualifying as a medical practitioner in 1974, Dr Green has had a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer for more than 30 years and practises exclusively in this area. He has a Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery as well as a Certificate in Dermoscopy from the Skin Cancer College Australasia. He has also been awarded a Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer Surgery from The University of Queensland.


Dermoscopy is the study skin lesions under a hand held dermatoscope (or microscope). This enables detailed examination of the microstructure of moles and other skin lesions to allow pigment and blood vessel pattern differentiation. This facilitates the earlier and more accurate diagnosis of melanomas.


The Sydney City Skin Cancer Clinic is conveniently located a short walk from Wynyard Station and Circular Quay. 


We do not offer Bulk Billing. 


Medicare rebates are processed on-site.  


Call us on (02) 9241 1577 to book your skin check today.

Dr Stanley Green from Sydney City Skin Cancer Clinic
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