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O'Connell St Clinic welcomes Dr Stanley Green

From O'Connell St Clinic:

O’Connell St Clinic is excited to introduce the newest member of our team – Dr Stan Green. Stan has over 30 years experience in the field of skin cancer medicine. Through his clinic, the Sydney City Skin Cancer Clinic, Stan uses the most advanced examination and treatment methods.

About Dr Stan Green

Dr Stan Green is the principal doctor at Sydney City Skin Cancer Clinic, and practises exclusively in this area. Qualifying as a medical practitioner in 1974, he has a Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery, as well as a Certificate in Dermoscopy from the Skin Cancer College Australasia. He also holds a Certificate in Primary Care Skin Cancer Surgery from The University of Queensland.

Stan can perform a thorough skin assessment, using specialised techniques such as polarised light and dermatoscopy. If necessary, various surgical and non-surgical treatments are available, including cryosurgery (freezing), curette and cautery, and chemotherapy creams.

Dr Green is available to provide extensive skin checks if you are at all concerned about your skin. To book an appointment for a skin check with Dr Stan Green, please click here.

You can find out more about O'Connell St Clinic and their work with Dr Green by clicking here.


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